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Communication Tips for Property Managers

4/5/2024 (Permalink)

Property Manager discussing with the tenants | Communication Tips for Property Managers Communication Tips for Property Managers

In today’s fast-paced world, property managers are embracing new and varied means of communicating more effectively with residents to create and maintain a thriving community atmosphere. Whether using a traditional newsletter or the latest AI-enhanced property-management platform, various communication channels are essential in engaging and informing residents. The following communication tips will help property managers explore different options that can enhance resident interaction and promote community cohesion.

A Portal for Residents

One of the challenges facing property managers is a lack of efficiency in communicating information to residents. Email and newsletters are time-tested ways to inform homeowners, but a resident portal has a few additional advantages. It’s available 24 hours a day, and property managers can update it with current information daily if needed.

A software-based online portal can also provide residents with added features such as neighborhood-only discounts and local service recommendations, enhancing their ability to save money and feel supported by community management. Some more advanced resident portals have features that allow residents to control certain aspects of their homes remotely, such as locking and unlocking their front doors, adjusting their thermostats, and entering service requests.

Publish a Regular Newsletter

Community newsletters are one of the most traditional types of resident communication. They offer a way to inform residents monthly about upcoming events, community maintenance schedules, and other useful information. One communication tip for property managers regarding a monthly newsletter is to engage and entertain residents with fun facts about the community’s history or spotlight residents’ local activities and achievements.

Consider also highlighting residents’ contributions within the community and offering formal awards or simple gestures such as a handwritten thank-you note or a social media shout-out. Some property managers may also enhance their community’s newsletter by working with businesses in the area to secure exclusive coupons or discounts available only through the newsletter.

Embrace Social Media

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are about more than just broadcasting the goings-on in the community. They are also about connecting with residents and building relationships with interested parties interested in buying or renting within the community. If using social media platforms, respond immediately to resident requests or comments so users know the page is active and feel encouraged to continue their engagement. Consider adding contests or social media polls to collect feedback or generate excitement for upcoming community events, which can increase resident interaction and participation.

Resident Feedback

Resident feedback has evolved behind simple suggestion boxes. Digital feedback methods like a resident portal or social media platform can give property managers real-time insights into residents’ evolving preferences and needs. Some of the newer portal software can use AI algorithms to extract feedback trends and identify key improvement areas. Consider implementing a transparent feedback loop that lets residents see which suggestions are being implemented and how they can enhance their trust and satisfaction with property management.

Plan Community Events

Community events can provide residents with a fun outlet and promote a sense of belonging in the community. Another communication tip for property managers is to choose various activities catering to different interests to ensure broad resident participation and inclusivity.

One of the easiest events to plan is a community garage sale, with property management providing ads and signage leading up to the sale and coffee and donuts for residents on garage sale day. Another fun option to build deeper connections and relationships between neighbors is an organized resident talent show, where residents can showcase their hobbies or special skills.

Tailor-Made Communication

Personalizing resident communications can help improve engagement but involves more than just using a resident’s name. Understanding their needs and preferences is vital, allowing for segmenting residents based on common interests or demographics. Segmenting allows for more targeted and relevant communications, and some property management software can now use AI algorithms to help out. The software analyzes resident data and then personalizes and automates communications. This strategy can save time and costs for property managers while making communications more effective and efficient.

Multilingual Support

Language barriers can create a roadblock to communication with residents and limit their access to needed community services. When property managers support multiple languages, they ensure inclusivity and show residents their respect for the community’s cultural diversity. The monthly newsletter, online portal, and social media platforms can offer translations, a “word of the day” in different languages, and other features that provide learning opportunities and create cross-cultural connections.

Create Video Content

Some property managers add video content to their online resident portals or social media platforms as a dynamic way to deliver instructions and information. A video tour can show off individual available units and highlight the community’s amenities and other features. For current residents, consider offering a mix of videos that include maintenance tips and other useful content. As part of emergency preparedness, consider strategies such as partnering with a fire damage restoration service to create content for a fire-safety video and other vendors for additional useful topics. Professional video production companies or videographers can produce polished, professional-quality videos to engage viewers and increase the property’s overall appeal and presentation.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness can provide residents safety and clarity in responding to critical situations. Consider providing regular drills or training sessions and publishing tips and guidelines in the newsletter and online for easy access. Some properties go a step further and establish neighborhood emergency response teams. Residents on the teams undergo specialized training, which increases the safety and well-being of the community and fosters a sense of preparedness and responsibility.

Improved Communication Strengthens the Community

As property management strives to create a connected, vibrant community, every communication counts. By embracing varied and innovative strategies, management can lay a foundation for inclusivity, mutual understanding, and cohesiveness among residents. Effective emergency preparedness and other communication initiatives can create an environment where residents feel informed, valued, and empowered. Consider partnering with vendors, such as your local SERVPRO franchise, who can work with the community to increase safety. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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