Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Containment in Forever 21

What you see here is before the containment was put up and after. This job site takes place in a commercial building. To be precise, it’s the Forever 21 c... READ MORE

Roof Tarp, After Fire Damage

Buying a home is going to be one of the most important and expensive investments one makes throughout their life. It is important to take all the necessary prec... READ MORE

Water Loss Due to Break in Restroom Supply Line

One can never be safe from disasters. You could be away on vacation and you can come back to a fully flooded home or office. That’s exactly what happened ... READ MORE

Water Damage from Kitchen Sink

The water damage in the before and after pictures was caused by a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. The water traveled from the kitchen and affected the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

This is a mold remediation, we performed in a home in Arcadia, CA. Upon cutting the walls, we discovered 4 ft of mold behind the drywall. We scrubbed and saniti... READ MORE

Sewer Back Up

This is sewer damage in a bathroom in Pasadena, CA. The sewer back up was caused by a clogged drain in the downstairs bathroom. Our crew cleaned all affected ar... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

This water damage occurred when a water sprinkler pipe burst and flooded the downstairs basement. As a result there was 4 ft of water throughout the entire base... READ MORE

Fire damage

We got this call from a local market. The SERVPRO crew start taking out contents and begin disposal of all debris . The SERVPRO crew also set up equipment's air... READ MORE

Bio-hazard Clean-Up

This was a BIO-hazard clean up in Pasadena, CA. We got a call from our customer letting us know the situation.  Two bodies that were found deceased in the ... READ MORE

Local Market Fire

This is a local market that caught on fire in El Monte, CA.The SERVPRO crew start taking out contents and begin disposal of all debris . This location did not h... READ MORE